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All characters contained within are OCs related to Final Fantasy XIV:

Lello Dalamiq

28 / Female / Single, Bisexual

Born off the coast of Yanxia and raised between Doma and the Azim Steppe, Lello was born and raised into a tribe known for their worship to Dalamud. Following the Calamity, the tribe dispersed into various regions of Othard, with her family choosing to stay off the coast of Doma.

Being raised under Imperial occupation meant that her family's strengths were spent opposing them with the Doman Liberation Front. When her colony was cast out due to the intervention of Zenos yae Galvus, her parents were caught in the massacre amongst other shinobi who swore to protect Lord Hien.

After following Yugiri Mistwalker to Eorzea shortly after Operation Archon (The events of FF XIV: A Realm Reborn), it was not long before she took up the sword to avenge her parents and country. Following in the path of a now-deceased tutor, she trained with them before meeting Jenlyns and becoming a Free Paladin.

Her work from there entailed from small-time petty matters to full-scale operations as a hire for the Immortal Flames, and eventually leading up to the siege of Ala Mhigo in the end of Stormblood. While she has since learned the basic processes of Thaumaturgy and Conjury to seek the skillset of Red Magecraft, she remains loyal to her shield.

During Shadowbringers, she took a break from adventures to host her own café; The Sword and Spork. A year since passed, and it's achievements have cemented a following of friends and team members.



Solklona Waststralwyn

30 / Female / Single, Straight

Born and raised in Aleport, Solk grew up with a love of the sea and the telltale scent of Honey Ale.
Given the drunkard-filled disposition of the town, she was lucky to spend her youth with a happy couple of Archers for parents and was quickly adopted into the local tavern as a bar wench at age 18.

However, one fateful evening almost ravaged the port entirely. Solklona did whatever she could to preserve the town as the meteorain of The Calamity blasted above her. She was 25 at the time she heard Hydaelyn's song.

As her Echo began to awaken, her recent disagreements with her boss at the harbour have forced her to seek work in Limsa Lominsa. When her line of work led her to meet another Echo wielder, she was directed to Her Embrace.

Her journey as a Warrior of Light is yet to begin, and yet she has so many big strides to take...